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expect dragons, my character, hedgehogs and, ponies
BTW I'm always open to requests and commissions (unless I say otherwise)


Me and PipoTechyon are doing an MLP comic and we want to know, "Do you want cameos of background ponies and other oc's?" 

7 deviants said FUCK YEAH!!!
2 deviants said Maybe...(Yes)(Please tell me Why?)
1 deviant said HELL NO!!!
No deviants said Maybe...(No)(Please tell me Why?)

A Nudder Quizzzlekizzzadizz...(?)

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 2, 2015, 9:51 AM

Tagged by :iconburningflamemc:

Alright, Once more around the block, Leggo(lets go).

1) Favourite game: A tie between Skyrim and Super Smash Bros. Universe

2) Mice? >:3: I eated the mousesses.

3) Hetalia or Pokemon?... Or both: I dunno what Hetalia is, so Pokemon

4) Wilderness or luxury:
 As long as I'm near fire or doing something fun, I'm good.
5) Heat or Cold: HHHMMMMMM!!!! FFFFIIIIIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!hunger for chocolate tard Fire blob I love play with fire 

6) Flight or Web Powers liek Spideyman:
 Flight, no real limitations, plus I could break the sound barrier

7) Would you skydive or jump out of a 
plane: Sky Dive

8) Would you join the army for the ones you love:

9) Tell me who you liek >:3 or who your with :I:
 Refer back to a previous journal and find outwink 

10) Lol?:

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Godspeed Hellbound
  • Reading: 3 Chords of Chaos
  • Watching: The time until MLP season5 (ALMOST FUCKING THERE!)
  • Playing: A GAME KNOWN AS LIFE!!!
  • Eating: THE SOUL OF THE DEVIL!!!(Muffins)
  • Drinking: THE BLOOD OF THE DAMNED!!!


Gage Loghry
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey, guess what... Come closer...Closer...Closer..... I'm a procrastinative sonva bitch.
I am fire, if it had a mortal form, I can make you happy and content if you tend to me well, but if you make a wrong move...Well... Let's just say you'll walk away with a little more then a few minor burns... but if you try to put me out I'll come back with more ferocity then most people can fathom. Sure I can I can lose control sometimes... but in the end I mean well.

Further more!, I like to think I'm loyal to a fault, I dunno, go ask one of my close friends, they'll tell ya.


I am a die-hard metal fan, through and through.


The beauty of Rock and Roll…

These are the truest words spoken by any living being in existence. *Sheds tear*

Quizes and Tests

Your element is FIRE.
You are passionate, strong and bold. Your determination and vision iare who you are to the core and you won't let anyone influence you otherwise. You're independent and responsive when need be. You are a bit brash, and sharp tongued. You could stand to be a little less selfish when dealing with others and trying to find the more calm or peaceful approach to things rather than what gives the most 'drama'. Aside from that you are seen as a respectable source. You are often misunderstood and few seem to be willing to get to know you past your flame. But you are fiercely loyal to those whom you deem fit to your morals

Your greek god parent is, Ares
Just like your father, Ares, who is the god of war, violence doesn't stir you. You are perfectly willing to fight for what you want. Use your determination for good, not evil.

The kind of Warrior I am is a Rouge
You're a rogue, a lone soldier. That doesn't mean you're literally alone. While you don't fit into the Roman warrior category, nor the Knight, Target Weapon Master, Street Fighter, Assassin/Hit man, Warrior Monk, or Mastermind, you have your own way of fighting. "Free fighting." You are pretty experienced with all sorts of fighting, and when it comes to doing a job, you like to work alone. You have your own way, own style, and that's how you like it.
You like to be free, and don't want anyone telling you what to do.

My Mythical creature is a Dragon.
You are larger than life, stronger(willed and faster, in my case) than most and some may say you're hoarding a great treasure in your secluded cave in the mountains. Though some may want to slay you for your treasure, others admire you for your wisdom and grace. And if they don't, you can always just sneeze at them and set them ablaze.

I have Metaphysical Energy
You have Metaphysical Energy! This is a vital energy force making you a transformative, adaptive and very empathetic individual. You can almost practice transference in a mystical sense, allowing you to take on the presence or being of another life form (or at least putting yourself in their shoes). This highly contributes to your own spiritual development making you more understanding in your relationships and personal endeavors. Not to mention, it makes you an easy, non-judgmental person to be around. You're also an advocate for mind over matter; while being aware that the mind and body work well together, you also recognize that fundamental energy is the core of our life source, which drives our minds to exercise its potential strength

My spirit stone is Agate
Agate represents strength. Though you may have gone through some tough times, you continue to march on in life. Your emotions are always under control which allows you to think clearly in difficult situations. It's great that you always remain calm but don't forget it's ok to let other people come in and help you!

I have griffin wings
You have the Wings of a Griffin! This result suggests a sense of duality within you, ranging from qualities of kindness and sensitivity to ferociousness and vengeance. One one side, these wings depict the noble and more just side of your tendencies; you can be extremely loyal and gentle to those you guard and connect with. However, when someone decides to cross you or harm another you care deeply about, you become a force no one wants to reckon with. You remain protective either way, and primarily symbolize strength and trust above all else. You expect others to live up to this standard and not just yourself.

My real eye color is black
Black eyes are very rare. What we see and call as black eyes are in actuality just very dark brown eyes. The dark brown or black, as we may call it for own usage is often associated with night, mystery and intuition. People with black eyes are said to be very trustworthy and responsible. They are secretive but will never let your secrets out to anyone. They sometimes mistrust people and are reluctant to start friendships and to fall in love. But when they do begin a relation, they are loyal till the very end.

If I was an angel, I'd be a Guardian Angel
As a Guardian Angel, you are a loyal, protective individual who takes pride in their friends and family. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and will stand by your friends until the end. While some may find you aloof or abrasive, once people get close to you they are often given the privilege of seeing your softer side.


Wed Dec 10, 2014, 6:22 PM
Tue Sep 23, 2014, 6:36 AM
Hey mate. How are you?
Sun Aug 31, 2014, 3:19 PM
Wed Jun 18, 2014, 6:30 AM
This'll blow your fucking mind if you thought "A Canterlot Wedding" was bad
Sun Jun 8, 2014, 8:23 PM
Dark type pokemon quiz…
Fri Jun 6, 2014, 6:49 AM
HELL YEAH! Making a good use of your premium membership!
Thu Jun 5, 2014, 1:53 PM
Mon Jun 2, 2014, 12:10 PM


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